Revolutionize Your Strategy with the Strategic Gameplan! Unlock the Power of Strategic Planning in 30 minutes for only €97

Yes, I want the Strategic Gameplan (€97)

The Strategic Gameplan is a revolutionized way for leaders to approach strategy. Learn how to get the entire strategy down into one visual page, a Strategic Gameplan. A plan that is easy to understand, easy to use, and easy to follow up.

Gain Immediate Online Access, Expert Guidance and tips, and Professionally Designed Templates – Your Path to Success Begins Now!

This model simplifies the complex world of strategic planning, empowering you and your team to navigate the path to success with ease and precision.

In only 30 minutes you will learn how to get your own strategy into a one-page visual format, for only €97!

What You Will Receive:

Immediate Online Access, Anytime, Anywhere

Expert Guidance, Step-by-Step

Effective and instructive videos (total time under 30 minutes)

Professionally Designed Downloadable Templates for PC and Mac

Yes, I want the Strategic Gameplan (€97)
Simplicity, Smarter Strategy

Say goodbye to convoluted, overwhelming strategies. The one-page Strategic Gameplan condenses your entire strategy into a visually appealing and streamlined format. Experience strategy simplified, making it smarter and more accessible for everyone.

Build Trust, Inspire Progress

Trust is the foundation of everything. The Gameplan makes it effortless to communicate goals and actions, fostering trust within your team and stakeholders. Plus, track progress effortlessly, providing constant inspiration for continuous improvement.

Comprehensive Clarity

The Strategic Gameplan make it easier for everyone to comprehend the full scope of the strategy. By condensing it onto a single page, every team member gains a crystal-clear understanding of the big picture and their role in the journey to success.

Lean, Precise, and User-Friendly

Traditional plans often drown in details. The one-page format is lean, precise, and incredibly easy to understand. Team members can refer to it at a glance, enhancing collaboration, understanding, and productivity.

Yes, I want the Strategic Gameplan (€97)

About Brainwells

Welcome to Brainwells, where innovation meets expertise, and leadership transcends boundaries. Founded and nurtured by the duo, Kristine Maudal and Even Fossen, Brainwells is rooted in their profound leadership expertise and passion for corporate success.

Strategic Gameplan is part of a distinguished lineage of digital online programs meticulously crafted by Brainwells.

For over 10 years, we have devoted ourselves to developing, testing, and delivering what we proudly term the Brainwell's Leadership Systems. This holistic system embodies effective and engaging leadership principles for leaders, executive teams, and organisations, seamlessly delivered both in live workshops and digitally.

Today, as mentors, advisors, and facilitators, we extend our expertise to numerous top executive teams and their enterprises, both within Scandinavia and across international borders.

Our guiding principles revolve around the cultivation of Involving Leadership and the incredible potential of 'The Collective Genius'.

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We understand the hesitations that come with investing in your development. You might not know us or you might wonder "Will this really work for me?"

That's why we offer an ironclad guarantee. We're immensely confident in the value you'll receive by following the guidelines, that we're offering a complete 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee.

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Yes, I want the Strategic Gameplan (€97)