Purpose Changes The Perspective


Growth. You know the feeling. Chasing growth. Sucessfully. Hitting your targets. More growth…

But then what? Is this it?

Nothing wrong about earning money, but shouldn’t there be more to it?

Shouldn’t we stop and think about what impact we have on the world around us? People? Society? Our environment? How can we make a difference?

Also, how do we organize our companies to meet the demands of tomorrow? Or today? How can we work to keep that initial feeling of enthusiasm and energy? And avoid employees who are disengaged or loose trust in their leaders?

Ask yourself this: Do I know our organizations’ purpose? Does my team and colleagues know it? Do we know why we are here, beyond earning money. Have we defined and articulated our ‘reason for being’?

Yes, we know it is kind of hefty. But this is where we are right now. The world is changing. And all of us need to contribute to make sure it changes in a good way. That’s why we need to know our purpose.

Purpose isn’t everything. But it trumps everything else. Did you know that 75% of millennials claim that they would rather cut their pay-check than working for a company without a purpose?

Growth without purpose can be painful, growth with purpose gives meaning, direction and fuel your workplace with energy. It engage people’s brain and heart, for the good of everything.

And this is what we do – we help corporations find and articulate their purpose. We facilitate effective involving processes, which are anchored at the top and invites everyone in the organization to contribute through live and digital workshops.


Our purpose is to help create a better corporate wold!

Brainwells guided us through an important strategic process. With solid facilitation and an involving method, we could use the collective power of our team to define our new strategic and cultural drive. Our purpose.
CEO Storebrand, Odd Arild Grefstad