Purpose Changes The Perspective


Growth. You know the feeling. Making it happen. Hitting your targets. And then, one more time. This time with higher goals, new numbers, higher speed …

But then what? Is this really ‘it’? 

Growth can be fun, and there is nothing wrong about earning money, but there is for sure more to life. Does your people thrive? How often do you talk about what positive impact you and your company can have? Is there a way to make a difference? How can you use your position and your company to create a future you all want to be a part of? To take small or big steps towards a better tomorrow? 

Can there be a better way to grow your company?  

You know there is a potential to do things differently. You might meet leaders and employees who are disengaged or frustrated. Sometimes this is confirmed by a look in the mirror. 

You know about companies who seem to run on magic. They nurture a supportive culture, which focus more on the ‘we’ than the ‘me’. They co-create and collaborate, and they know their WHY – their ‘reason for being’.  

We know… Purpose isn’t everything. But as it is now, it trumps everything else. And it’s all in the numbers. Did you know that 75% of millennials claim that they would rather cut their pay-check than working for a company without a purpose?

Growth without Purpose can be painful, growth with Purpose gives meaning, direction and fuel your workplace with energy. It engage people’s brain and heart, for the good of everything. 

If you’re already there; keep up the good work! If you’re not there yet and like to know more about how to get there, you are at the right place.  


Brainwells guided us through an important strategic process. With solid facilitation and an involving method, we could use the collective power of our team to define our new strategic and cultural drive. Our purpose.
CEO Storebrand, Odd Arild Grefstad