Purpose Changes The Perspective


The way we’re working today isn’t working. This is confirmed by research in numerous reports: Trust in management is decreasing, people are disengaged at work, sick leave is high and there is a leadership crisis emerging. So, what should we do?

A good place to start is to know your organizations collective purpose – why are you here beyond earning money? What are your contribution to society? This one move alone will bring more energy into your workplace and engage people’s brain and heart, for the good of everything.

In Brainwells we help corporations to articulate their purpose by facilitating involving processes, where everyone in the organization get to contribute. We have a world class method which effectively creates ownership and impact.

Brainwells guided us through an important strategic process. With solid facilitation and an involving method, could we use the collective power of our team to define our new strategic and cultural drive. Our purpose.
CEO Storebrand, Odd Arild Grefstad