The optimal approach to harnessing and utilizing 'the Collective Genius' of your team is through Involving Leadership. This structured and trust-based method of leadership leads to highly engaged employees and superior outcomes.  

It's incredible how fast we can move - when ALL of us move. Together!


In an era of swift transformation and complexity, the quality of your team or organization's Collective Genius often represents your most underappreciated, yet crucial and powerful asset. 


Maintain a competitive edge by integrating the trusting, collaborative culture of Scandinavia, along with the premier innovation and creativity from Silicon Valley.


Experience a significant transformation that will facilitate growth and value creating - both financially and beyond - for today and future generations. 


We are at a PIVOTAL time

Never has there been such an immediate need for corporate leadership

bringing people together

- despite their different background and opinions

It's a bigger game at play, and as leaders we have the calling to level up.

The best way to move forward, is to do it TOGETHER

Deliver extraordinary results while bringing humanity back into business - and build a system where people thrive!

Activating the Collective Genius secures ownership and engagement, it builds trust instead of internal rivalry, and transform a group of smart individuals into a strong and dynamic team.


What if this is easy?

You can become an Involving Leader and activate your team's Collective Genius in a structured and effective way. 

We have proven processes that will transform your Executive Team (or entire organization) into a powerhouse of streamlined energy and inspired action.

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  • Strategic ambitions no-one but a few care about
  • Time wasted on actions without direction
  • Great ideas and solutions that drown in bureaucracy
  • Resistance towards change
  • Time-consuming misunderstandings
  • Energy leakage throughout your organization
  • Feeling alone at the top

Tapping into the Collective Genius of your team through Involving Leadership will give you a competitive edge unparalleled by any other leadership style. 

By structure and proven processes this is a super effective way to move forward,  fuelled by engagement, speed and precision.

“The way we collaborate is by far our biggest competitive advantage.”

 [Tiril Haug Willum, CEO Pareto Bank]



Brainwells was founded for human-centred leaders who want to be part of making the corporate world a better place.

We work with executives who has come to the insight that the old paradigm of leadership isn't sufficient for the demands of today's world. Success needs to be measured beyond what are described in financial terms.

Absolutely nothing wrong with money and our clients consistently delivers above their targets, yet - in a world that is awakening as we speak - we need to build more than monetary value and assets.

In Brainwells we now have more than 10 years of experience working with ambitious clients. This, and decades of own leadership experience, secure that we know what it takes to be in your shoes.


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