In Brainwells we Believe In A Better World

A world where we co-create and collaborate, where we focus on a best possible outcome, where sustainability is not just a word but a core part of our system and how we operate.

We believe in helping each other to achieve greater things.

In a world where we share knowledge, and where we try to create better solutions to the challenges we meet.

The Corporate World holds tremendous power for change

Change for the good of many, change for the good of the World.

But knowing this is not sufficient. We need action. And who's in charge for that?

Well, we can point anywhere - at the shareholders, at Board of Directors, at the Executive Teams, or even at the individual employee. And you're right.

We can all make a difference. But the ONE person with the most power and influence to do something is the leader. (And - we need to add that we do believe that there are amazing leaders without titles, too). 

So - if you are a leader or plan to become one - you should know that being a GOOD leader is one of the most important jobs you can have.

If you want to perform leadership in a way that makes you really proud, you're at the right place.

Because our shared passion, knowledge, time and effort - have now lead us all to this point.

Even Fossen
CEO/Co-Founder & Partner

After successfully founding and developing a Norwegian IT consultancy (Making Waves) from 2 to 150 persons in three countries in a few years, Even decided it was time to use his energy and skills on helping others to make a difference in the corporate world. 

Even has extensive top management and leadership experience within high growth companies. Building effective and ambitious executive teams and defining and articulating the corporation's Purpose are at the core of his heart. He help transform CEO's and their teams so they deliver results and are fit for challenges ahead.

With passion and care he has assisted numerous top executives to secure healthy growth in their companies. He works with a set of carefully selected ambitious executive leaders and their teams, following them over time to allow them to utilise their potential. This way they can use their position and company to have real positive impact on the world they operate in. 

Brainwells was founded of the Purpose of 'helping to make a better corporate world', for leaders and their many employees. 

Even's mantra is: "Knowledge is only potential power. Until applied"

Kristine Maudal
Co-Founder & Partner

Kristine has for the last decade been helping industry leaders with their innovation, strategy and employee engagement process. She has substantial process management knowledge and is an experienced facilitator, and knows how to let her groups experience magic by the way they work. 

By being a curator for TEDxOslo, she has learned to really embrace the importance of good communication from stage. She is now both a key note speaker and blogger of matters close to her heart. Her previous leadership experience include positions in international media industry, computer industry and management consulting (Apple Computer, Warner Bros. and Egmont Publishing). She serves as committee member of the international United Nation supported project Happathon. 

Kristine is also a visual artist with exhibitions in USA, Monaco, Spain and Norway. With her unique combination of artistic and business knowledge, she knows how to engage in a way that ensures both energy and results.

Kristine's favourite quote is this: "Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." (Helen Keller)

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    “Brainwells deliver high quality and it is inspiring to have them as a collaborative partner. ”

    Tiril H Villum

    CEO, Pareto Bank

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    “Brainwells guided us through an important strategic process. With solid facilitation and an involving method, we could use the collective power of our team to define our new strategic and cultural drive. Our Purpose. ”

    Odd Arild Grefstad

    CEO, Storebrand

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    “The Brainwells workshops and leadership sessions have been of great value for the performance of our management team. ”

    Kristen Linaae

    CEO, Powertech