Brainwells Leadership Systems -
A New Way of Working

For more than a decade, numerous successful top executive teams and their employees have been exposed to Brainwells Leadership Systems.
The system consist of easy-to-use methods, processes, and tools.
These are used to build Strategies that are alive in the organization, Purposedriven Corporations, and a Culture where people thrives.
This is leadership for the next generation of leadership. Updated and simplified.


Feel free to reach out to learn more about how we can help to facilitate your transformation process, or to learn about our digital step-by-step Leadership Programs for individual leaders.

The Living Strategy Process


Even the best strategy has no value unless you are capable of executing on it. This is why developing your strategy by involving your team is not only a good idea in a time where people want to be involved - but also a proven way to secure ownership and anchoring to what needs to be done.
The Living Strategy-process is an involving and effective process for creating the corporate strategy.  

How we work: This is a proven and effective method for developing a strategy that ends up in a easy to digest strategic document that everyone embrace and understand. The level of involvement varies. Some of our clients choose to involve everyone in parts of the strategic process, others only involve their executive team. No matter what you choose, the core of this process is a two-day gathering of the Executive Team where we end up with the first draft of the Strategic Gameplan - a one-page strategic document that everyone understand and embrace. 

Your Organizations Unique Culture Codes


Why is it that some organisations or teams seem to succeed in everything they do, while others - who have the same possibilities - struggle and have a hard time?
The answer is most likely found in the culture.

A healthy and strong culture is the enabler to reach your company's goals and ambitions. The corporate culture defines the possibilities that lies within the strategic framework. The more conscious approach there is to the organisation's culture, the easier it is to securing the results you want. 

How we work: The Culture Code-process identify how we are at our best and what drives our culture in a positive direction. This is done through a defined involving process, which step-by-step develop the organizations unique and defined Culture Codes.

The Power of Teams - Process


The Executive Team usually consist of some of the organisation's most valued (and well-paid) people.

Still, many executive teams are more a group of clever individuals than a solid team that steadily can move their organization forward. Instead of spending time on solving strategic issues, valuable time is used on reporting or fighting for their own areas of responsibility.

Every team has a potential to become more efficient and productive by strengthening their collaborative powers. Being part of a dynamic executive team is a motivating and energizing part of any leaders's job - a high performance team ready for the future. This is where intricate strategic solutions are found, decisions are made, and actions are initiated.  

How we work: Power of Teams consist of a series of dynamic 1-day workshops. You will build a resilient and inspired team, while we parallell work on relevant strategic and operational issues. The tools and methods you are exposed usually becomes a popular and integrated way of how your team works. 

Purposedriven Organizations


Knowing the higher Purpose of your organisation (or the reason for WHY you exist - beyond earning money) is essential for attracting and keeping the best people.

In order to succeed in the years to come, the challenges that organizations will meet are many. Facing these challenges are easier for companies where
people feel that they are part of something that's greater than themselves. People want to use their talents on efforts that makes a difference. A defined  corporate Purpose will help to attract those who want to help making this happen, but more than that: It has the potential to create both energy and forward movement. 

How we work: We have a proven, solid process for defining your company's Purpose in an involving way. We use a mix of on-site and digital workshops ensuring that every voice in the organisation is heard and that everyone can join the process at certain stages.

The result: An activated Purpose that is not a marketing idea, but something based on the fundamental core of your business. Your Purpose will speak directly to the hearts of your employees - even before it is launched.