It has never before been a time when it has been this important to make sure that you not only engage the brains of your employees, but also their hearts!

Knowing the higher purpose of your organization (or the reason for WHY you exist – beyond earning money) is essential for attracting and keeping the best people. We know that organizations need to change in order to succeed in the years to come, but organizations without an emotional connected purpose is expected to cease to exist. People want to be part of something bigger than themselves. They want to use their talents on efforts that makes a difference. When you are clear on your company’s purpose and people join you in making this happen, it will release a lot of energy and forward movement.

You probably know what we’re talking about if you ask yourself why you are excited about your job. Imagine the momentum you could have if you all were in on the same journey!

How we work: Defining your comany’s purpose that is emotional and touch the heart of your employees isn’t something you outsource or fix alone. Instead – a Purpose process is at its best when it involves all your employees in one way or another. We can help plan, design, and run this process. We use a mix of on-site workshops and digital workshops ensuring that every voice is heard and that all who wants to be involved can join the process at certain stages. The result? An activated purpose that is based on the fundamental core of your business, and that speaks directly to the hearts of your employees even before it is launched.



Why is it that some organizations or teams seems to succeed in everything they do, while others – who have the same possibilities – struggles and have a hard time? The answer is probably found in the culture.

Culture is something we get, whether we like it or not. And it is the way we work with that culture which defines the possibilities that lies within the strategic framework. It never stops to amaze us that so many organizations invest so much in defining their goals or building fantastic products or services, while they at the same time have little or no conscious approach to the way their culture develops. The fact is that the clearer you have defined the culture code in your organization, the easier it is to perform leadership. And that is an important factor for securing the results you want.

So, if you are trying to revamp or build a company, why not build a culture that is outstanding! It should support your purpose and get the best people in the field lining up to join you.

How we work: A Culture Code is based on identifying what drives your culture in a positive direction, and by avoiding to do things that don’t. If you are a startup, this is smart to do as early as possible. If you are part of an existing organization, we strongly advise to start by recognizing the positive aspects of the culture that’s already there. To avoid that his is only a process ‘on paper’ it is best done by an involving process, where people on your team let you in on how they see your world. Based on this you can work on defining your new set of Culture Codes – together.




The Executive Team usually consist of some of the organization’s most valued (and well-paid) people. Still, many executive teams spend little time on solving challenges as a team. When they meet, the time spent together often consist of long and tiresome reporting of own activities, and energy is only to be found when members of the team have to fight for the division they represent.

Even some of the best teams we’ve met have a potential to upgrade the way they work, strengthen their collaborative powers and tap into the collective genius they represent. Being part of a dynamic executive team should be a motivating and energizing part of a leader’s job. This is the place where intricate strategic solutions are found, decisions are made, and actions are decided – together.

The transformation from being a group of skilled people to becoming a high performing team is important. Creating a team that is a collaborative competent organism, with the power to initiate and change anything, is a journey you won’t miss. And. honestly, if you were to choose – what kind of team would you like to be a part of?

How we work: Change happens over time, not overnight. Executive Team Development Processes consist of a series of short and effective workshops and a few 2-days gatherings. We work on building a strong team by using effective methods and processes for collaboration, while we at the same time work on relevant strategic and operational issues. This is like a real life kinder egg – and the most effective way of working you can imagine. The tools and methods we present and use together soon become an integrated way of how your team works.



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