Creative Genius vs Performing Machine? Hey – that’s me!

Yes! We know. For many it’s a constant struggle: How can we find time to be creative, when there’s so much to do on our ‘to do’-list…

Let your creative genius rule!

Read our take on how important it is to let your creative genius rule in our most recent blog post in Huffington Post.

The title is “The Battle of the ‘Creative Genius’ vs the ‘Perfoming Machine’

But, wait – there is more. This is also the story about how our brainchild, Brainwells, was born.

A Brainwells in the making-selfie

A Brainwells in the making-selfie

Read on – it’s all here. By the way – isn’t it funny to see how we change, only in a few years? Well, nothing to hide – and this is a true ‘Brainwells-in-the-making-selfie’, taken while having lunch in Malcesine Italy.

It’s taken just as we started drawing the outline of the idea that later became Brainwells – on the back of a napkin. Read more here.