The SMART way to run meetings

that will blow you away with it’s effectiveness. You’ll get 6 foolproof steps that can take 20-50% off time spent in meetings. No kidding.

Time is a scarcity for most leaders – but there is a place you can find more time. It’s the way you run your meetings. Spend FIVE MINUTES on this page, and start shaving hours off your work week.

It should be obvious, but NOT having a method for running effective meetings is like going into a convenience store without a plan when your blood sugar is at all time low and you must hurry to get home:

You spend too much time on the wrong topics, forget half of what you need, and make poor decisions. And it costs you a lot more than necessary.

If you’re like most of the leaders we work with you’re sick and tired of meetings without results. Endless and countless meetings that lead nowhere, or at best just result in another load of work piled on your desk.

It is not that meeting other people is unpleasant. Come on – meetings where smart people meet can be so fun, but they seldom are. Instead of creating awesome stuff TOGETHER, you sit bored and listen to each other report about things that have already happened. Yawn…

No wonder why you are checking your mail. No wonder why other people do the same. Facebook. Twitter. Or, whatever…

But it doesn’t have to be like this – AT ALL!

Things can change. And it starts with you. Now.

Imagine that YOU are the star of the show in your own calendar!

Not only that – when you call people together at work, they look forward to spending time with you – in meetings! Because they know that is where the magic happens. The other attendees LOVE what you do and want more of it.

And you’re the one in charge. People even start asking you for advice on how to run smart and effective meetings.

Wouldn’t it be great being that person? The one who gets more done in less time? So you have more time to spend on other things…

GREAT! We will get you there in 6 foolproof steps!

It only takes a couple of hours, a few small adjustments, and there you go! Wow!

This smart, stress free and fast way to plan and run meetings gets you where you want – and doesn’t take much to start using.

Oh, you’re thinking that the way you run your meetings is not that important? That it doesn’t make such a big difference?


Did you know that recent studies show that:

One company ALONE saved 300,000 hours per year by running more effective meetings

Employees are frustrated by unprepared leaders who loose control in meetings

The number one time consumer in corporations are meetings

Running highly effective, concentrated meetings can turn meetings into an amazing power tool. And it is not a talent for only the few “chosen ones.” It just takes a tactical method that anyone can learn and excel at – a tested and proven system to follow.

This is exactly what we are going to give you in our Guide for Smart & Effective Meetings.

You never again have to be in charge of a long, boring and ineffective meeting where people are not focused.


Yes? YES!

Here’s what the Smart & Effective Meetings Guide will teach you so you can get rid of spending unnecessary time on unnecessary things for good – and never again end a meeting with more questions than when you started. Unless that was your intention.


The Six Steps for Smart & Effective Meetings

that are so easy to adopt and implement that you in no time can get going and achieve what you want.


How you can ensure focus in meeting

and get the attention you need (forever).


How to plan a meeting so you forever will be on time

if you want to lead your meetings effectively (forget about running out of time or people arriving too late)


Our proven step-by-step formula

that basically will run the meetings for you.


Save time, make better decisions, and move forward

by using these proven and highly effective techniques (which also are easy to implement).


What to do and what not to do

in order to accomplish EXACTLY what you want.

When you know this, you can start to –

  • Run meetings where people work on the same team, where you can tap into their collective intelligence and where everyone leaves with a clear understanding (and passion) of what to do and when to do it. So when you meet next time, you can move on.
  • Run meetings where people show up on time, are focused and give their best.
  • Solve whatever you need to solve. With no extra fuss. Or inform each other on what’s relevant and up to date. And only that.

You. Can. Do. It!

Indeed You Can!

“6 Steps for Smart & Effective Meetings” gives you:

1) A Downloadable and Complete Guide “Six Steps for Smart & Effective Meetings” 2) A Comprehensive Checklist and Templates that will make things easier for you 3) A bi-weekly inspirational e-mail for 6 weeks with reminders and tips. 4) Relevant resources and articles you can dive into if you want – and when you have time 5) Q& A’s 6) ONE YEAR access to the membership site with a short & sweet intro video running you through the basics


And this is what you will learn:


6 foolproof steps that will forever bring you into effective meetings heaven


Knowledge and insight on how to look at the various kinds of meetings you should know of


Detailed and proven tools with specific instructions on how to do it


How facilitation and some basic process knowledge will help you succeed.

What you will NOT get is stuff you do not need. Because we know that your time is valuable. In other words – this isn’t some regular blah-blah about why things are like they are. Nor is it hundreds of random tips from leaders you’ve heard of but have no clue if they run effective meetings. We’re not saying tips from others can’t be valuable to you, but it’s not what you’ll get here. This is a concrete, down-to earth, hands-on instruction for you to run meetings like a pro. The guide, the check list and the templates are downloadable resources you can reach from all your devices. Wherever you are. 

But why on earth should you listen to us?

We are professionals in this area. We work with executive teams, on how to collaborate and how to work smarter.

We are on a mission to make the corporate life better for leaders and changemakers. And we see that what leaders miss the most, is more time. We KNOW there is a way to find this time, and now we share this with you, so you can spend your time on more important matters.

Also – we’ve been leaders ourselves. And we know ALL THERE IS TO KNOW about how much time gets wasted in meetings. And also just how boring and futile meetings can be.

Not only that – we’ve experienced first hand the potential there is in changing things a bit. And WOW – how we loved it.

But, most important of all, we do this because we LOVE doing it. Working with people like you is extremely rewarding. In our world – being a good leader is one of the most important jobs anyone can have. And if we can help you become the best leader you can be, that’s a blast!

When you run smarter and more effective meetings you’ll get time to focus on other things. You will have more time to make a difference. 

We know that there is a different way to run meetings. So do you. But don’t snooze and think that you can wait and see. Life is too short for that. You will forget about this offer, and maybe end up forever running ineffective meetings.


Get the Smart & Effective Meetings Guide today and start running meetings like a pro. Right now.

It doesn’t cost you a fortune + all the time you got. It’s not a $1000 (even if it’s worth it). It’s not even $500.

No, it’s just $179.

We know it’s worth much more, and we shouldn’t give it away this cheap, but if this can help you get more time to do things that are more important – we’re happy!

If you’re obsessed with ROI – the question you should as yourself is: How much is my time worth?

Are you ready to get more time at hand? Yes, of course you are!

PS. Here’s what other people have said about working with us:

“This way of facilitating strategy discussions creates more energy and stronger involvement from a broader group of managers and employees, compared to a more top-down approach. ”

Partner, Investment Company

“The result?  You´ll push yourself and your organization further – smiling while you do it!”

Founder, Consulting Company

“I get a lot of energy and inspiration. I find these tools and resources very useful in my daily work, and I can put them to the test instantly.”

Head of Communication, International Tech Company

“We have developed and improved our skills significantly in terms of meeting and workshop facilitation, and ability to utilize our organizations collective intelligence in operational and strategic decision making.”

CEO, Hightech Company

Hey, you still here? Got some questions? Yup, we got answers for you!

I am already swamped at work – do I have time to follow up on this?

Coming up with the content will take you less than x hours with this guide. We suggest that you read it through and then let all the good stuff settle. Then start implementing each element (we’ve made a implementation guide for you). If you’re so busy that you can’t invest the time because you’d rather keep on working as you do, we’ll say “be our guest.” We can’t make you change unless you want to. That’s you’re your resistance trying to keep you from doing the things that will get you the most results. Step up – be a game changer.

What if I can’t change? Then this is a waste of time and money.

Well, you’re right. Habits are hard to change. But the only way to do it is by giving it a try. And there is no reason why you should not be able to, when other people who dive into this can. But, it’s up to you. We know it works. We know you can change. If you want to.

How can I trust that this isn’t just some garbage that teaches me stuff I can just Google myself?

This is a proven, step-by-step system based on everything we know about running smart and effective meetings. It’s designed to get you results and it will. If you can find in-depth information like that on Google, we’re happy to give you your money back. We’ve been in your position, and our passion is in giving you a helping hand so you can focus on more important matters.

I want my entire team to have access to this program - not only myself?

This program is created for the individual learner, and you will enter a pass-word protected site to access all the material. If you want your entire team (or even better – your entire organization) to learn how to run smarter and more effective meetings, let us know. We can give you a fair discount so everyone on your team get their own access to the membership site. Please contact us at

Don't Be Shy

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.

So – here’s our final question for you:

Are you ready to start running meetings in a smarter and more effective way?

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