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Office address (while in Norway):
Brainwells AS
Underhaugsveien 1
0354 OSLO

Kristine Maudal

Even Fossen


Brainwells HQ is in Oslo, Norway. We do, however, run projects in the US, UK, Spain, Poland, and other world wide locations. As we see it, there is no such thing as boundaries when it comes to working life. People of today live, work and travel in an international world. So do we!

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We get a lot of e-mails. And we always try to respond. But to make it easier for both you and us, we have shared the answers to the most common questions right here:


Do we have time to take on another project? It depends. We have a flexible business structure and try to make room for the projects we believe in. But when we say that we do not work with everyone, we mean it. It is not because we try to be difficult, we just try to be honest. Transformation requires that all of us really WANT to do something, and not just do it because we have to.

The way we work does not fit everyone. If you are unsure if we match your expectations, let us know or ask if you can talk to some of our previous clients. It is way better to ask too many questions up front, than to regret not asking at all. We totally respect that.

Online workshops: This is part of our processes, and only used when and where it is applicable. Contact us for more info.

We believe in collaboration. Not in competition. If you are passionately blogging about PURPOSE, CULTURE, or anything you feel that we are passionate about too, let us know. Maybe you can become a guest blogger on our blog. “Alone we can do nothing. Together we can do everything” – Helen Keller

If you have comments or questions to any of the blog-posts feel free to use the space after the blog for commentaries. We try to answer most of them, and if we do not, maybe someone else share their insights. Collective intelligence is KING!