In Brainwells we Believe In A Better World

A world where we focus on the potential and help each other to achieve greater things. Where sharing knowledge is common, and where our collective intelligence helps create awesome solutions that amaze us. We believe in a world where both people and the environment thrive.

But where to start? We’ve chose what we know best. The corporate world. And the reason is that …

The Corporate World is Changing


and with this comes many possibilities. The corporate world holds tremendous power for change. Change for the good of many, change for the good of the World.

Focusing on a common purpose, one that goes beyond earning money, have many benefits: For the employees, the customers, the vendors, the environment. But knowing this is not sufficient. Something needs to be done. And who’s in charge for that?

Well, we can point to the Board of Directors, or to the Executive Teams, or to the individual employee. And you’re right. We ALL can make a difference. But the ONE person with the most power and influence to do something is the leader.

We hope you who read this is a leader or plan to become one. If so, you should know that being a GOOD leader is one of the most important jobs you can have. If you have ambitions being THE BEST leader you can be, you’re at the right place. Because our passion, our knowledge, our time and effort – have all lead us to this point.


We can help you perform leadership in a way that make you really proud of your leadership. Not because of status, but because of the impact you can have.

Kristine Maudal

Kristine Maudal

Co Founder & Partner

Kristine has substantial process management experience and has for the last decade been helping industry leaders with their innovation, strategy and employee engagement processes. She’s a world class facilitator, and it’s common that the groups she facilitates reports the feeling of magic by what they have achieved. 

Kristine is also a professional speaker. She’s been trained by one of Bill Clinton´s speech coaches and bring this knowledge on, f.i by being a curator for TEDxOslo. Her previous management experience include positions in international media industry, computer industry and management consulting (Apple Computer, Warner Bros. and Egmont Publishing). She serves as committee member on the international United Nation supported project Happathon.


Kristine is also a visual artist with several exhibitions in USA, Monaco, Spain and Norway. With her unique combination of artistic and business knowledge, she knows how to engage in a way that ensures both energy and results.


Kristine always says: “Love what you do, do what you love!”

Even Fossen

Even Fossen

CEO/Co Founder & Partner

After successfully founding and developing a Norwegian IT consultancy (Making Waves) from 2 to 150 persons in three countries in a few years, Even decided it was time to use his energy and skills on helping others making a difference in the corporate world. Brainwells was founded by an ambition of changing the corporate world, for leaders and their many employees.

Even has extensive top management and leadership experience within high growth companies, and have helped many top executive secure growth in their companies. He works with selected ambitious executive teams and their leaders, utilizing the potential and securing profits.

Even empower leaders by focusing on ‘the new way of working’. Building effective and ambitious executive teams and defining and articulating the corporation’s purpose are at the core of his heart. He help transform CEO’s and their teams so they deliver results and are fit for challenges ahead.

His mantra is; “Knowledge is only potential power. Unless applied.”

Brainwells guided us through an important strategic process. With solid facilitation and an involving method, we could use the collective power of our team to define our new strategic and cultural drive. Our purpose.

Odd Arild Grefstad

CEO, Storebrand

It has been an extremely positive and inspirational experience to work with Brainwells. At Opera, it was time to renew our vision as the company had changed, and Brainwells helped us with the huge task of crowdsourcing our vision together with employees in Norway, Poland and the USA. Brainwells led our workshops with timing, precision and insight, and also participated in discussions with our leadership team, so that the vision process was securely anchored from the top. As a project leader for the vision project, it was also very powerful for me to have the ability to discuss and brainstorm with Kristine and Even along the way.

I have also used Brainwells to lead a workshop at our Global HR team meeting, and I am amazed at how well they can keep a whole room of people engaged and interested. I get a lot of energy, inspiration and laughs in my own work when I work with or read blogs or use tools and resources that Kristine and Even have created too. I find these tools and resources very useful in my daily work, and I can put them to the test instantly. I look forward to working with Brainwells on more projects in the future.

Live Leer

VP Global HR, Opera Software

Being a new team is an exciting journey. From the very start we wanted to use the power of us as a team, focusing our energy in the same direction!

A key success factor was to jointly identify how to collaborate efficiently, how to use our collective intelligence and how to identify and set our team culture. The key was involvement of the whole team, doing it in such a way that we could incorporate it in our everyday work immediately.

The very reason we involved Brainwells to facilitate this work for us is because of their ability to inspire, engage, while keeping the group extremely focused and productive. Through a full day workshop we focused on learning specific tools for collaboration and get insights on how to utilize and improve our teamwork.

Tine Austvoll Jensen

VP Revenue Management, Schibsted Media Group

The Brainwells workshops and management training sessions have been of great value for the performance of our management team. We have developed and improved our skills significantly in terms of cross department collaboration, meeting and workshop facilitation, and ability to utilize our organizations collective intelligence in operational and strategic decision making.

Kristen Linaae

CEO, Powertech

It has been really fun and useful to work with Brainwells. Their way of facilitating strategy discussions, creates more energy and stronger involvement from a broader group of managers and employees, compared to a more top-down approach. I think it creates more passion and drive to actually deliver on a strategy from the involved group.

Christian Melby

Managing Partner, Reiten & Co

Brainwells helped Hitachi Data Systems (in Norway) to capture the collective wisdom in our team when we wanted to set our target sky high for our self.

Through a series of effective, and sometime even funny, techniques we were able to lay the foundation of Strategy and a few key objectives for the future. The teamwork kick-started a lot of initiatives that we will explore and benefit from, with the team as the driving force.

Rune Sund

Country Manager, Hitachi Data Systems

Brainwells is a Scandinavian company working internationally with ambitious leaders and their organizations. We do this both online and onsite. We run involving and engaging processes for high-growth organizations who know that even the most aligned companies and teams still have a potential to grow. Actually, the simple fact that the human brain tend to predict the future based on previous experiences (linear thinking) is a limiting factor when it comes to realizing what potential we behold. Both as individuals, teams, and organizations.

Change does not happen over night. If you expect quick-fixes, you should look elsewhere. When we start a process, we expect commitment and engagement. In return we promise to create a positive and learning environment, and share everything we know. We will help you solve your issues, overcome challenges, and establish a solid base for further growth. All this while you at the same time work on your everyday issues. Business is first.

Brainwells believe that “Return on Involvement” foster “Return on Investment”. It’s about releasing the collaborative power within teams and corporations…while getting the energy you need by doing it.

The secret of change is to not use your energy on fighting the old, but on building the new. – Socrates